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Wound Balance - Achieveing Wound Healing with Confidence


Wound Balance - Achieveing Wound Healing with Confidence

Wound Balance
Approx. time to complete
60 min


By completing the module, you can improve your knowledge about wound balance and achieveing wound healing in your clinical practice.

The wound balance concept aims to integrate various critical parameters which offer continuity, individualised care and support in clinical decision-making, placing the patient at the centre of care, as well as underlying the need of balancing the wound microenvironment and the daily practice of the clinicians to reduce the cumulative burdens of wounds.

Main learning objectives

  • To understand of the concept of wound balance as a multifactorial approach to wound healing and its clinical benefits
  • To explore the science behind wound healing and how to remove the barriers that creates a non-healing wound
  • To understand the wound environment and how to optimise that environment through wound bed preparation using TIMERS framework and optimal dressing selection.


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