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EWMA 2024 - HARTMANN Symposium


EWMA 2024 - HARTMANN Symposium

Past Event
Exudate Management, Chronic Wounds, Complex Wounds, Wound Dressing, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Wound Care, Patient Quality of Life, Wound Healing, Wound Balance, Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border, Biomarkers
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1st May 2024 at 16:00Hrs
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1st May 2024 at 17:00Hrs


The 34th Conference of the EWMA took place on 1-3 May 2024 in London, United Kingdom.

The conference is organised in collaboration with The Society of Tissue Viability in the UK and featured high quality sessions & presentations, numerous workshops, and e-poster presentations as well as a large industry exhibition.

HARTMANN sponsored a symposium called Wound Balance: Shifting the Healing Trajectory

The Symposium was joined by 3 clinical experts who examined the challenges of wound healing and discussed how wound balance can be used as a framework to help place the patient at the heart of wound healing. By supporting clinicians in recognising wounds likely to become non healing or chronic through early intervention and being able to identify what may be preventing a wound from progressing, including external factors and barriers to healing.

The presenters included:

Ina Farrelly; Advanced Podiatrist, London


  • Sharron Trouth, Vascular Advanced Nurse, Practitioner, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
  • Charlotte Keaveney, Queens Nurse, District Nurse Clinical lead, Cornwall partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Understand the Wound Balance Concept

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Wound Balance


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