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Exudate Management


Exudate Management

Recorded Webinar
Exudate Management, Exuding Wounds, Hard-to-heal Wounds, Wound Healing
Publication Year
36 minutes
Session Chair
Naomi Sherwood



This Webinar will provide you with an overview of the role of exudate, the causes of exudate and how to effectively manage in practice.

Presented by Naomi Sherwood Clinical Partnership Manager, HARTMANN

Naomi has over 18 years nursing experience; developing her passion for wound care to become a Tissue Viability Nurse. Naomi has worked across both acute and community settings managing complex patients, developing pathways and providing education. Naomi joined HARTMANN in 2023 and enjoys the Clinical Partnership Manager role which allows her to utilise her wound care experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of exudate in wound healing
  • Identify the causes of exudate
  • Appreciate the different types of exudate
  • Understand the effects exudate can have on a wound
  • What does effective exudate management look like
  • Management of specific conditions

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