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CE Course: Growth Factors in Wound Healing


CE Course: Growth Factors in Wound Healing

E-Learning Course
Chronic Wounds, Epithelialization, Growth Factor Boosting, Growth Factor, Hard-to-heal Wounds, Wound Healing
Approx. time to complete
60 min
1 CE


The Growth Factor module explains the functions of various types of Growth Factors in the wound healing phases, especially in Epithelialization phase. The presence and stability of Growth Factors in acute (normal healing) compared to chronic wounds (impaired healing) is underlined for a better understanding of their critical role in wound healing.


Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the critical mechanisms and factors involved in normal wound healing (main cellular components, mediators, etc.).
  • Recognize the importance of synthesis and activity of growth factors in normal wound healing.
  • Describe the growth factors and cytokines contribution in wound healing phases.
  • Discover and understand the impact of growth factors in cellular migration.
  • Understand the regulation of growth factors.


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