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Every wound type, either acute or chronic, has a potential evolution into an infection, subsequently requiring specific management.

While much effort has been made to develop effective approaches for biofilm and infected wounds management, this can involve the use of antimicrobial agents which raises worldwide concerns regarding the potential development of Anti-microbial Resistance due to the abuse in daily practice of the multiple available solutions.
The field of wound care must now work towards optimizing antibiotic and antimicrobial usage to avoid overuse and consider antimicrobial stewardship.

Today, clinicians also need to evaluate Non-medicated Wound Dressings as a significant addition to their daily practice ‘toolbox’ for effectively eradicating bacteria through physical mechanisms.

During HARTMANN Symposium, the new IWII Consensus Document related to Wound Infection in Clinical Practice will be introduced to the Healthcare Professionals and the advantages of applying Non-Medicated dressings further discussed.
The speakers will offer updated perspectives in the area of Wound Infection, challenges of infected wounds and wounds with biofilm and will share their experience in using appropriate therapeutic measures to eliminate the risk of antimicrobial resistance in wounds.


WUWHS Symposium 2022: Advancement in wound infection and biofilms

Start Date & Time: Thursday 03 March 2022

09:30 CET / 08:30 GMT

End Date & Time: Thursday 03 March 2022

11:00 CET / 10:00 GMT

Location: Abu Dhabi & livestream

Organisation: WUWHS

Language: EN

Publication Year: 2022


9:30 - 10:00 CET

Wound Infection & Managing Anti-microbial Resistance (AMR): Is there anything new?

Prof. Karen Ousey

Dr. Karen Ousey, UK

10:00 - 10:25 CET

Reducing a subset of proinflammatory mediators by a polyacrylate superabsorber-containing dressing a longitudinal investigation of venous leg ulcer exudates.

Prof. Dr. T. Banasiewicz

Dr. Hans Smola, DE

10:25 - 11:00 CET

AMS (antimicrobial stewardship) – how can I implement that into my practice?

Astrid Probst, MSc, DE

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