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Clinical assessment of a foam dressing containing growth factor-enhancing hydrated polyurethanes

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Clinical assessment of a foam dressing containing growth factor-enhancing hydrated polyurethanes

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LINK Congress 2019, Epithelialization
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Hans Smola, Jacek Mikosińskii
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Clinical assessment of a novel dressing concept containing growth-factor enhancing hydrated polyurethanes in venous leg ulcer (VLU) patients.


Patients were treated for eight weeks with a foam dressing containing a hydrated polyurethane interface plus concomitant compression therapy. Wound area reduction (WAR), percentage of wounds achieving a relative WAR of ≥40% and ≥60%, wound pain ratin


128 patients received treatment and data for 123 wound treatment courses were documented. Wound area size decreased from 13.3±9.8cm2 to 10.5±12.2cm2 at week 8 and median relative WAR was 48.8%. At week 8, a relative WAR ≥40% was reached by 54.5% of the wounds, 41.5% reached a relative WAR of ≥60% and complete healing was observed
in 13.5% of wounds. Median wound pain ratings (last 24 hours before dressing change) declined significantly from 30 to 15.5 (100 visual analogue scale [VAS], p=0.0001) and pain at dressing changes from 30 to 12.5 (p≤0.0001). The EQ-5D VAS rating increased from 58.4±19.2mm to 63.1±19.1mm (p=0.0059).


This clinical assessment shows that the concept of boosting endogenous growth factors through hydrated polyurethanes has the potential to accelerate WAR in VLU patients while decreasing pain levels and improving quality-of-life parameters.

Clinical relevance

Comparison with historical data showed that this dressing concept showed significantly better healing outcomes compared to a historical control group and similar efficacy to a corresponding foam dressing containing a pharmaceutical ingredient.


The BOOST-CLOSURE study group includes the following investigators: Mikosiński J, Kotala M, Łódź, Poland; Stücker M, Bochum, Germany; Twardowska-Saucha K, Zabrze, Poland; Bonnekoh B, Magdeburg, Germany; Pańczak K, Tyniec Mały, Poland; Aleksiejew-Kleszczyński T, Kraków, Poland; Dissemond J, Essen, Germany; Eming SA, Cologne, Germany; Kaspar D, Schröder W, Smola H, Heidenheim, Germany; Rousseau A, Bewert J, Hamburg, Germany.


Hans Smola
Cologne University, Department of Dermatology, Cologne, Germany

Jacek Mikosińskii
Vascular Surgeon, Mikomed, Łódź, Poland


Mikosiński J, Kotala M, Stücker M, Twardowska-Saucha K, Bonnekoh B, Pańczak K, Aleksiejew-Kleszczyński T, Dissemond J, Eming SA, Kaspar D, Rousseau A, Bewert J, Schröder W, Smola H. Clinical assessment of a foam dressing containing growth factor-enhancing hydrated polyurethanes. J Wound Care. 2018 27:608-618.

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