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Implementing the wound balance concept into routine practice worldwide

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Implementing the wound balance concept into routine practice worldwide

Wound Balance, Biomarkers, Silicone SAP dressings, Chronic Wounds, Acute Wounds, Wound-QoL, Patient Quality of Life, Leg Ulcer, Compression Therapy, Wound Infection, Wound Healing, Wound assessment, Early intervention
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PD Dr (Phil) Christine Blome et al
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This publication represents the outcome of a meeting of international wound care experts held in Barcelona, Spain, in October 2023.

In 2022, a document was published introducing the concept of Wound Balance: a multifactorial approach to achieving wound healing, encompassing scientific understanding, patient-centered care and clinical decision making.

This current document represents a further step in the development and implementation of this concept, specifically with the aim of providing a summary of the expert group’s recommendations regarding:

  • Providing wound care in the most appropriate setting for each individual patient
  • Assessing quality of life (QoL) in people with chronic wounds, both in clinical research and in everyday practice
  • Educational needs of non-specialist healthcare professionals regarding wound care
  • Strategies for disseminating education on wound balance to a wider population of healthcare professionals, patients and careers.

Citation reference

PD Dr (Phil) Christine Blome et al (2024) Implementing the Wound Balance concept into routine practice worldwide, wounds international Volume 15 Issue: 2

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