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Achieving Wound Balance: A Case Review


Achieving Wound Balance: A Case Review

Recorded Webinar
Complex Wounds, Biofilm, Chronic Wounds, Clinical Effectiveness, Debridement, Epithelialization, Exudate Management, Leg Ulcer, Patient Quality of Life, Pressure Ulcer, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Wound Balance, Wound Bed Preparation, Wound Care, Wound Dressing, Wound Healing, Wound Infection, Zetuvit Plus Silicone
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25 Min
Session Chair
Dr. Laura Swoboda, ​ Dr. Alton R. Johnson Jr.​


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Wound care experts, Dr. Laura Swoboda and Dr. Alton R. Johnson Jr., break down their AWC Fall posters and detail the Wound Balance Concept. Through cases and discussion, they demonstrate what achieving Wound Balance looks like and the benefits to the patient and care team.


Dr. Laura Swoboda is a Professor of Health Sciences, Family Nurse Practitioner, and certified wound specialist in Milwaukee Metro, Wisconsin. Dr. Swoboda is on the NPIAP’s Prophylactic Dressing Standards Initiative Task Force, a member of the editorial board for the Wound Care Learning Network and Wound Management and Prevention, and on the board of directors for the WOCNCB and the AAWC.

Dr. Alton R. Johnson Jr. is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor and Attending Physician/Surgeon at The University of Michigan School of Medicine in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Johnson is the National Chair of the Board of Directors for the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons and Chief Executive Officer of AJ Educational Empowerment, LLC a company developed to empower individuals of all backgrounds through educational services to be tomorrow’s leaders. He attended the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Johnson went on to complete a three-year Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency at HCA Florida Aventura Hospital in Miami, FL and a two-year wound care fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.


Expand your wound care knowledge! Download Dr. Laura Swoboda and Dr. Alton Johnson's informative SAWC Fall posters. These complement their video on Wound Balance, providing valuable insights in a concise format. Get your copies now to enhance your expertise.

Dr. Laura Swoboda
Balancing the wound micro-environment:
interconnecting issues leading to outcomes

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Dr. Alton R. Johnson Jr.
Various Lower Extremity Use Cases
for Superabsorbent Dressings-Case Series

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