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WoundCon Spring 2024 Symposium Wound Balance Concept: ​Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence


WoundCon Spring 2024 Symposium Wound Balance Concept: ​Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence

Recorded Webinar
Exudate Management, Chronic Wounds, Complex Wounds, Wound Dressing, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Wound Care, Patient Quality of Life, Wound Healing, Biomarkers, Wound Balance, Zetuvit Plus Silicone
Publication Year
Approximately 60 minutes
Dr. Alison J. Garten, Catherine Milne, Dr. Laura Swoboda


Learn more about optimal wound care in the session 'Wound Balance Concept: Achieving Wound Healing', a virtual pre-conference session at WOUNDCON Spring 2024. This symposium, sponsored by HARTMANN USA, Inc., invites to participate in a focused virtual session discussing key strategies for effective wound management.

Learning objectives

  • Examine the concept of ‘wound balance’
  • Identify what prevents a wound from progressing and the critical role of wound biomarkers
  • Employ early identification and modification of ‘red flags’ that may cause a wound to be at high risk of stalling and becoming chronic
  • Describe the mechanism of action of SAP-containing dressings
  • Recognize the importance of adopting a patient-centered approach, identifying the patient’s individual needs, and ensuring that the patient is at the center of all decision-making processes
  • Examine, via cases, advanced wound care modalities that engage wound healing support the natural physiological process.


  • Dr. Alison J. Garten
  • Catherine Milne
  • Dr. Laura Swoboda

Understand the Wound Balance Concept

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  • White Paper -Wound Balance: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence
  • User Manual - Wound QoL
  • Wound-QoL-17 - Formerly referred to as “Wound-QoL”
  • Wound-QoL-14 - Short version with 14 items

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