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HydroClean, Made Easy

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HydroClean, Made Easy

Clinical Case Publication
Biofilm, Chronic Wounds, Debridement, Desloughing, Devitalised Tissue, Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Publication Year
Emmanuelle Candas, John Schäfer
published in
Wounds International
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30 minutes (6 pages)


If not appropriately managed, every wound has the potential to develop serious complications such as infection, and to become hard-to-heal (WUWHS, 2020). There is a clear need for a first-line dressing that can be used with confidence in a variety of different wound types and address potential factors that may develop and affect wound healing. As such, wound bed preparation is needed in all wounds that are expected to heal, to create conditions to optimise healing. In at-risk wounds, management of potential infection is also required.

HydroClean® is a safe and easy-to-use dressing that has been demonstrated to prepare and maintain the wound bed, reducing slough and necrosis. Its physical mechanism of action has the ability to disrupt biofilm where needed and to prevent at-risk wounds from ‘regressing’ into infection. It is important to note that HydroClean® is an easy-to-use and versatile dressing, designed as a first-line option to manage any wound that needs wound bed preparation or may be at risk of infection, instead of being reserved only for complex or hard-to-heal wounds.


Emmanuelle Candas
Dept of Geriatrics, Sainte Perine Hospital, Paris, France

John Schäfer
ComprehensiveWound Center (CWC) at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE)

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