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LINK for Wound Balance Livestream 2023


LINK for Wound Balance Livestream 2023

Múltbeli esemény
LINK Congress 2023, Wound Balance
Start date and time
17th of October 9:20am CET
Befejezés dátuma és időpontja
17th of October 12:00pm CET


The congress will host a livestream, relating to the topic of Wound Balance on the 17th of October between 9:20am – 12:00pm, register now to join virtually, please click on "Login to join the sessions" to start the registration process.

To sign-up for the Event visit our global Website.


Dr. Alison Garten, USA
Wound Balance: a multifactorial concept integrating critical parameters related to wound healing, patient and clinical practice
Prof.Dr. Hans Smola, DE
What prevents a wound from progressing? The critical role of Wound Biomarkers

Sharon Trouth, UK

Wound Balance: Achieving wound healing with confidence through early implementation of the lower limb wound care
John Schäfer & Christine Blome, DE
Patient Balance in working-age patients with chronic wounds: Why quality of life should be a major treatment goal, how it can be measured, and how wound care professionals can help improve it
Dr. Florian Dumas, FR
Clinical Care Balance: The therapeutic alliance between patient and clinician

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