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Leg Ulcers


Leg Ulcers

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Rany przewlekłe, Rany przewlekłe - główne wskazania, Kompresjoterapia, Zgodność, Zarządzanie wysiękiem, Trudno gojące się rany
Approx. time to complete
90 mins


The module summarizes the best practice recommendations regarding the assessment, classification systems and diagnostic techniques used in the pathology of Leg Ulcers. The main therapeutic strategies and the necessary multidisciplinary approaches for Venous and Arterial Leg Ulcers are presented in accordance to TIME concept and the principles of effective wound bed preparation.


This module is CPD credited

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Acquire the recent data regarding the epidemiology (prevalence and incidence) of venous and arterial leg ulcers.
  • Recognise the main definitions related to the etiology of leg ulcers.
    Identify the pathophysiology and risk factors of chronic venous insufficiency and peripheral arterial occlusive disease.
  • Improve knowledge through learning about the assessment and classification approaches and diagnostic techniques in venous and arterial leg ulcers.
  • Discover and understand the main therapeutic strategies and multidisciplinary approaches necessary for venous and arterial leg ulcers.
  • Relate the knowledge to examples of individual clinical cases.


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