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This webcast brought together a panel of experts to answer your questions on the role of Non-Medicated Wound Dressings (NMWDs) in wound infection. Join Professors Karen Ousey, Hans Smola, Tomasz Banasiewicz and Thomas Bjarnsholt for this expert panel discussion where they were answering questions from you and other clinicians from across the world.

This webcast followed the launch of the WUWHS Position Document “The role of non-medical dressings for the management of wound infection” and the WUWHS conference.

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Recorded Webinar

Webinar Quiz with Experts on "The Role of Non-Medicated Wound Dressings for the Management of Wound Infection"

Duration: 42 min

Published in: 2020

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Wounds International

Addressing your questions were

New WUWHS Position Document

The Role of Non-Medicated Dressings for the Management of Wound Infection

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