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Our early experiences with NPWT after common surgical procedures

Scientific Content

Our early experiences with NPWT after common surgical procedures

NPWT, Surgical Incision, Wound Healing
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Gabor Sahin-Toth
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10 min (1 pages)


Negative pressure wound therapy is an established modality in the treatment of challenging wounds. The authors, who are surgeons of a city hospital, describe their early experiences with NPWT in three different cases.


  • A 75-year-old severly-obese patient with a history of type II diabetes was presented with a deep surgical site infection after an open appendectomy for complicated acute appendicitis.
  • A 76-year-old man was hospitalized with pulmonary, prostate and colonic cancer. After an open right hemicolectomy the case was complicated with a necrotic surgical wound.
  • A third 68-yearsold patient with Fournier's gangrene was admitted to ICU with perianal pain and severe sepsis.


Gabor Sahin-Toth
Invasive Matrix and Intensive Care Unit, Oroshaza City Hospital, Hungary

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