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Chronic wounds: Unveiling the enigma of slough in wound care

Do you know what slough is? Despite its importance in wound care, it's often misunderstood. Millions are affected annually, and the economic and personal burdens are substantial. In 2023, the International Wound Infection Institute published a series of case studies focusing on characterizing slough from various non-healing wound types. Additionally, the aim of the study was to classify the composition of slough at molecular and microbiological levels.
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LINK E-learning

LINK E-Learning Program now offers CE Credits for U.S. Healthcare Professionals

The LINK for Wound Healing platform has expanded its accreditation to include Continuing Education (CE) credits, complementing its existing CPD certifications. This enhancement supports U.S. healthcare professionals in meeting their ongoing educational requirements through high-quality, accessible online courses. The LINK E-Learning Program remains dedicated to advancing global wound care expertise, now with added credentials to aid professionals in their practice and career development.
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LINK Scientific content - Poster

Using a hydro-responsive wound dressing (HRWD) for lower limb salvage through debridement: A case study

scientific content
This poster explores the use of a HRWD dressing to aid the healing of a lower limb wound that was at risk of amputation. The dressing used was Hydroclean® Advance. Hydroclean® Advance contains Ringer’s solution which is donated into the wound, thus facilitating the softening and debridement of devitalised tissue. It also contains superabsorbent particles which bind and sequester debris and bacteria.
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On Demand Webinar

Now Available On-Demand: WoundCon 2024 Wound Balance Webinar

Explore key strategies for effective wound management through this on-demand webinar, ‘Wound Balance Concept: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence’. Dr. Alison J. Garten, Catherine Milne, and Dr. Laura Swoboda provide an in-depth discussion on optimizing wound care. Learn to identify and address the critical elements that impact wound progression, such as the significance of wound biomarkers and SAP-containing dressings. The webinar emphasizes a patient-centered approach, detailing how to tailor care based on individual patient needs and incorporating advanced wound care modalities that support natural healing processes.
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LINK E-Learning

CPD accredited LINK E-Learning Program

LINK for Wound Healing E-learning is an online education program addressing multiple topics of interest for the daily practice of healthcare professionals in Wound Care. The CPD accredited modules cover well explained elements of physiopathology, medical protocols and guidelines related to wound assessment, diagnosis and the latest international therapeutic recommendations in Acute and Chronic Wounds and clinical best practice cases.
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Clinical Case Publication

sNPWT VivereX: Choosing single-use negative pressure wound therapy for hospital and home (international expert panel recommendation)

LINK Conference
Discover expert insights on the optimal use of VivereX® single-use NPWT for complex wounds. An international panel evaluates how VivereX can best enhance clinical outcomes, with discussions on the 'Step-up, Step-down' approach for transitioning between VivereX and traditional NPWT in the prevention and early treatment of wounds. Authors: Tomasz Banasiewicz, Lenka Veverkova, Emilie Raimond, Marie Christine Planq, Balazs Banky and Marek Smolár
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