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Wound Balance: Shifting the Healing Trajectory​


Wound Balance: Shifting the Healing Trajectory​

Recorded Webinar
Exudate Management, Chronic Wounds, Complex Wounds, Wound Dressing, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Wound Care, Patient Quality of Life, Wound Healing, Wound Balance, Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border, Biomarkers
Publication Year
50 min
Session Chair
Ina Farrelly

Session Overview​

The panel of experts examine the challenges of wound healing and discuss how wound balance can be used as a framework to help place the patient at the heart of wound healing. By supporting clinicians in recognizing wounds likely to become non healing or chronic through early intervention and being able to identify what may be preventing a wound from progressing, including external factors and barriers to healing.


Ina FarrellySession Chair, introducing Learning Objectives and Wound Balance Continuum
Sharron TrouthWound Balance: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence Through Early Implementation of the Lower Limb Wound
Charlotte KeaveneyWound Balance from a District Nursing Perspective – Getting Intervention Right Early
AllQ&A Session


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  • White Paper -Wound Balance: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence
  • Wound-QoL-14 - Short version with 14 items

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