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JWC International Consensus Document – Best practice for wound debridement ​

Scientific Content

JWC International Consensus Document – Best practice for wound debridement ​

Consensus Document
Debridement, Chronic Wounds, Biofilm, Hydro-responsive Wound Dressing, Silicone SAP dressings, Wound assessment, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Leg Ulcer, Wound Healing, HydroClean, Bioburden, Wound cleansing
Publication Year
Dieter O Mayer et al , General and Vascular Surgeon, Institute for Advanced Wound Care and Education, Hausen am Albis, Switzerland​
Approx. reading time
30 minutes (17 pages) ​


The purpose of this international consensus document is to outline the best practices and recommendations for effective debridement.

Debridement is a crucial aspect of wound bed preparation, as it involves the removal of devitalised tissue (including slough), foreign material, microorganisms and biofilms, toxins, contaminants, pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteases from the wound bed to promote and optimise healing and prevent or treat infection.

This document aims to consolidate the latest evidence including research and expert opinion to establish a consensus on the principles and techniques of debridement. The recommendations in this document apply to all patient populations.

The development of this consensus document involved a panel of clinical experts, who played a crucial role in outlining and defining the recommendations and statements. The multidisciplinary panel, which met in a closed meeting in July 2023 in the UK, comprised individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the relevant fields.

Citation reference ​

Dieter O Mayer et al (2024) JWC International Consensus Document – Best Practice for wound debridement. Journal of wound care. VOL:33, NO6, Sup 6

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