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LINK Congress 2023 - Wound Balance


LINK Congress 2023 - Wound Balance

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1:38:57 hours
Session Chair
Dr. Alison Garten, USA

Session Overview

The concept of ‘wound balance’ is multifactorial, encompassing interconnecting issues related to the wound healing process and clinical practice. The wound balance concept aims to integrate various critical parameters which offer continuity, individualised care and supports clinical decision-making, to place the patient at the centre of all care.

The wound balance approach aims to provide clinicians with the information to understand the science of wound healing, in addition to the skills in how to communicate this effectively with patients to help them to get the best out of their treatments and, ultimately, achieve good clinical outcomes.

Watch the international experts as they explain the benefits of the wound balance concept and applying it into clinical practice.

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Dr. Alison Garten, USA
00:00 - 27:20
Wound Balance: a multifactorial concept integrating critical parameters related to wound healing, patient and clinical practice
Prof.Dr. Hans Smola, DE
27:20 - 54:5
What prevents a wound from progressing? The critical role of Wound Biomarkers
Sharon Trouth, UK
54:56 - 1:20:45
Wound Balance: Achieving wound healing with confidence through early implementation of the lower limb wound care
Dr. Florian Dumas, FR
1:20:46 - 1:38:57
Clinical Care Balance: The therapeutic alliance between patient and clinician


Dr. Alison Garten, USAMedical Director of Wound Care Services, Limb Preservation and Diabetic Foot Surgeon, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Prof.Dr. Hans Smola, DEDept. of Dermatology, University of Cologne, Cologne,
Vice President Medical Competence Center HARTMANN, Germany
Sharon Trouth, UKRussells Hall Hospital Dudley, United Kingdom
Dr. Florian Dumas, FRHead of Department of Medicine; Head of Department of Wound and Healing Consultation, Hôpital du Creusot, Saône et Loire, France


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  • White Paper Wound Balance: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence
  • Wound QoL 14 English UK

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