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Harmonised Glossary of Wound Care Terms

Scientific Content

Harmonised Glossary of Wound Care Terms

Clinical Case Publication
Acute Wounds, Biofilm, Burns, Chronic Wounds, Compression Therapy, Connecive Tissue, Debridement, Desloughing, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Exudate Management, Growth Factor, Hydro-responsive Wound Dressing, Hyper-hydration, Lymphedema, MMP, NPWT, Maceration, Peri Wound Skin, Pressure Ulcer, Proteases, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Wound Pathophysiology, Wound Bed Preparation, Wound Care
Publication Year
Rhidian Morgan‑Jones, MB BCh, FRCS, MMedSci, FRCS (T&O)
published in
Journal of Wound Care
Approx. reading time
60 minutes


Rhidian Morgan‑Jones, MB BCh, FRCS, MMedSci, FRCS (T&O)
Consultant Revision Knee Surgeon, Colchester University Hospital, Essex; Schoen Clinic London; Spire Cardiff Hospital, UK

Kylie Sandy‑Hodgetts, BSc Hons, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor and Director of the Skin Integrity Research Group, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Innovative Therapeutics, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia; President, International Surgical Wound Complications Advisory Panel

Citation reference

Morgan‑Jones, R; Sandy‑Hodgetts, K.; (2023) Harmonised glossary of wound care terms. Journal of wound care. Vol 32. NO:S6C

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