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LINK Webinar – Recorded Webinar

LINK Congress 2023 - Advance Wound Care Sessions


LINK Congress 2023 - Advance Wound Care Sessions

Recorded Webinar
Wound Balance, Exudate Management, Pressure Ulcer, Silicone SAP dressings, LINK Recommended Topic, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, LINK Congress 2023, Patient Quality of Life, Complex Wounds, Wound-QoL, Chronic Wounds, Cancerous wounds, Lower leg wounds, Palliative Wound Care
Publication Year
3 hours
Session Chair
Dr Emmanuelle Candas

Session Overview

LINK Congress 2023 held in Barcelona gave valuable opportunity for wound experts from around the world to exchange insights about important wound topics and discuss clinical success with respected peers from across the globe.
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Astrid Probst, DE

Use of silicone SAP Dressings in the daily clinical practice

Helena Vicente, PT

The malleability of superabsorbent dressings - a requirement!

Dr. Alton Johnson, Jr. DPM, DABPM, FACPM, FASPS, CWSP. USA

Various Lower Extremity Use Cases for Superabsorbent Dressings

Dr Emmanuelle Candas, FR

Prevention of pressure ulcers, what solutions? On the trail of 5-layer dressings

Carsten Hampel-Kalthoff, DE

Powerlessness or concept - The obese wound patient – a case report

Jodi Edge Carthy + Ellen Davis, UK

Is there a Cost to Quality of Life for patients in Wound Care?

Video sessions

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Astrid Probst, DEReutlingen Hospital, Germany
Helena Vicente, PTInstituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil, Lisabon, Portugal
Dr. Alton Johnson, Jr. DPM, DABPM, FACPM, FASPS, CWSP. USAUniversity of Michigan Medical School; Ann Arbor, MI USA
Dr Emmanuelle Candas, FRGeriatrician, AP HP Sainte Périne Hospital, Paris
Carsten Hampel-Kalthoff, DEORGAMed Dortmund GmbH
Jodi Edge Carthy + Ellen Davis, UKMidlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, St. George's Hospital Corporation, UK
Bradwell Hospital, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK


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  • Conference Report: LINK for Wound Balance Congress 2023
  • White Paper Wound Balance: Achieving Wound Healing with Confidence
  • Wound QoL 14 English UK

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