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Place of NPWT in the algorithms of wound healing

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Place of NPWT in the algorithms of wound healing

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Martin Hutan, Juraj Kutarna, Gerhard Loncsar
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Use of NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Healing) is already well established in the wound healing algorithms. One of the main problems of its use is understanding its utilization as a sole wound management solution.

Authors in the presentation discuss and review the place and significance of NPWT in the holistic view on the wound healing. Authors present the possible combinations of use with other products as well, as state the pharmacologically effective place of NPWT in wound healing. In conclusion authors state, that NPWT is not sole method for the wound healing algorithm, but rather, its use should be rationally combined with other systems of modern wound healing, as well as should be used in correct place and time of wound healing.

Clinical relevance

surgical acute and chronic wounds

Conflict of Interest

First author is a member of Competence Network and a Member of Board of Slovak Society for Wound Healing.


Martin Hutan,
Hainburg and der Donau, Austria

Juraj Kutarna
Hainburg and der Donau, Austria

Gerhard Loncsar
Hainburg and der Donau, Austria

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