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Lymphorrhoea as a largely under-recognized problem in exudate management of chronic wounds

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Lymphorrhoea as a largely under-recognized problem in exudate management of chronic wounds

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Exudate Management, LINK Congress 2019, Absorption, Chronic Wounds, Compression Therapy, Lymphedema, Maceration, Superabsorbent Polymer Dressings, Superabsorbent Wound Dressings, Superabsorbent
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Judit Daróczy
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To evaluate the capacity of the superabsorbent dressing (ZetuvitPlus®) to manage excessive lymphorrhoea in patients suffering non-treated chronic lymphedema escorted by non-healing chronic wound. Periulceral skin maceration of lymphedema patie


Twenty patients, aged 48-72 years, were included in this study, between December 2017 and September 2018. The superabsorbent dressing was used as a primary dressing. After only 2 days, dressing change frequency was reduced from once daily to twice weekly in 50% (n=10) of patients.


Lymphedema is chronic swelling that happens when the lymph is not moving properly as a result of damage to the lymph nodes or/and lymph vessels. In the severe cases lymphorrhoea begins, inflammatory wounds develop and the skin around the wound is macerated. Maceration causes patients' pain as well as prolonging healing time and deserves more focused research.

The best treatment for lymphedema escorted by ulceration is the complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDPT): manual lymphatic drainage, compression with bandages, exercises, and adequate wound care. Superabsorbent dressings (ZetuvitPlus®) have been designed to treat highly exuding wounds and especially in chronic lymphedema. The superabsorbent dressing seems to reduce complications associated with exudate production, and damage of physiological microbiome, stimulate wound healing and increase patients’ comfort; it may also save time and costs for care.


Judit Daróczy
Istenhezyi Private Clinic, Wound Care Department, Budapest, Hungary

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