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LINK for Wound Healing E-learning is an online education program addressing multiple topics of interest for the daily practice of healthcare professionals in Wound Care.

This is how it works

Well explained elements of physiopathology, medical protocols and guidelines related to wound assessment, diagnosis and the latest international therapeutic recommendations in Acute and Chronic Wounds and clinical best practice cases.

A free of charge contribution for all healthcare professionals to best serve their patients.

Multiple Topics in the following areas

  • Wound pathophysiology,Exunding wounds, Specific therapic approches in chronic wounds, Chronic wounds - main indications, Acute wounds main, indications

Credits and certifcate

  • CPD credited and non credited modules available
    For each successfully completed course, Health Care Professional receive a LINK certificate

Free Access

  • Unlimited and free access to all e-learning modules for Health Care Professionals if you have registered to our Learning Management System (LMS)

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