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Clinicians are often faced with patients presenting with lower limb conditions that are complicated by high levels of exudate.

We often hear the term ‘wet legs’ being referred to and we know that leg ulceration can fail to heal when the wounds are chronic and peri-wound skin is damaged from unmanaged exudate.

Unfortunately, the role of exudate is often misunderstood and therefore frequently overlooked as part of the assessment process. This can then lead to ineffective care and delayed healing.

This session will explore the ‘science’ behind exudate, what you need to consider as part of your assessment process and discuss some of the solutions to effective exudate management of lower limb conditions.

This HARTMANN-supported webinar was broadcasted in WoundsWEEK.

This webinar is presented by:

AtkinDr Leanne Atkin
Vascular Nurse Consultant,
University of Huddersfield/Mid Yorks NHS Trust

GardnerSarah Gardner
Independent Wound Care Consultant,
WoundMatters Ltd

Recorded Webinar

Webinar on demand “Holding back the tide: Why assessment is vital to exudate management of the lower limb”

Duration: 30 min

Language: EN

Published by: WoundsWEEK

Published: 05.02.2021

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To watch the other video in this series presented by Prof. Amit Gefen “The desired performances of wound dressings for an effective exudate management”, click here


WUWHS "Exudate Consensus Document"

Focussing on the updated guidelines for wound exudate management as well as current challenges in the field

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