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WUWHS "Exudate Consensus Document"


Wound exudate: Effective assessment and management. Access the latest guidelines and consensus from the experts in the most pressing areas in wound care discussed in this webinar.

  • Clinical challenges and therapeutic updates in wound exudate
  • Q&A session with experts

The first Wounds International webcast of 2019, chaired by Prof. Marco Romanelli, focusses on the recommendations from the new WUWHS consensus document "Wound exudate: effective assessment and management"

Recorded Webinar

Webinar Exudate Management

Duration: 40 min

Language: EN

Published in: 2019


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Prof. Romanelli answers your questions

Prof. Marco Romanelli
Professor and Chariman, Department of Dermatology, University of Pisa, Italy

What are the critical challenges in exudate management highlighted in the new World Union of Wound Healing Societies Consensus document?

A high level of MMPs may lead to wound non-healing. In your opinion, what are the clinical implications on this?

Prof. Chadwick answers your questions

Prof. Paul Chadwick
Independent Consultant, UK

Patients with venous leg ulcers often require compression bandages. What are the expert recommendations for appropriate dressings to be used under compression?

If the patient requires a prolonged dressing "wear time", that dressings may be used to promote undisturbed healing of exuding wound?

How can we avoid maceration in the case of highly exuding wounds and what dressings should be used for patients with fragile skin?

Prof. Smola answers your questions

Prof. Hans Smola
University of Cologne, Germany

While superabsorbent polymer dressings are known for their absorption capacity in exuding wounds, is there a risk of excessively dryign the wound bed, and by this, impeding the wound healing pathway?

How do some dressings optimise the level of excess MMPs and other do not?

What impact does superabsorbent polymer dressings have on patient quality of life?

In terms of innovation, what are the benefits of the new siliconised versions of superabsorbent dressings?

WUWHS "Exudate Consensus Document"

Focussing on the updated guidelines for wound exudate management as well as current challenges in the field

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