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sNPWT VivereX: Choosing single-use negative pressure wound therapy for hospital and home (international expert panel recommendation)

Scientific Content

sNPWT VivereX: Choosing single-use negative pressure wound therapy for hospital and home (international expert panel recommendation)

Clinical Case Publication
sNPWT, NPWT, Acute Wounds, Chronic Wounds, LINK Congress 2023, Exudate Management, Skin Grafting, LINK Recommended Topic, Quality of Life, Surgical Site Infection
Publication Year
Prof. Dr. Tomasz Banasiewicz et al
Approx. reading time
20 mins (6pages)


NPWT is a well-established therapeutic approach to the treatment of complex acute and chronic wounds problems. An international group of clinical specialists shared their experiences of using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in the management of numerous wound types.

The aim of the expert panel was to evaluate and recommend where VivereX® (PAUL HARTMANN AG) single-use NPWT (sNPWT) is best used to achieve optimal clinical results. In addition, the general rules of the ‘Step-up, step-down’ approach relating to the selection of VivereX and traditional NPWT (Vivano®, PAUL HARTMANN AG) in the prevention and early treatment of wounds were discussed by the panel.


It was agreed by the panel that data collection is absolutely key to support the use of sNPWT. This should cover the cost-effectiveness when considering the cost savings associated with its use in terms of sNPWT’s potential to release nursing hours and reduce intervention costs. VivereX is also a cost-effective way of offering NPWT to patients in outpatient settings. A new generation of data surrounding patients’ QoL at a multinational level should be the aim, focusing on the individual’s return to work in a timely fashion and reducing the length if stay in hospital, thus proving to be a cost-effective option. The portable nature of the single-use system also makes it more gentle for skin and there is a reduction in the risk of skin stripping when using sNPWT.


Prof. Dr. Tomasz Banasiewicz et al
Head of Department, Department of General, Endocrinological and Gastroenterological Oncology Surgery, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland

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